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40 Days of life Transforming Prayers for Millennial Children

40 Days of life Transforming Prayers for Millennial Children
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In the world we Live today, our children need our Prayers like never before. These are end times and the days are evil. If there’s anything we need to give our children, it’s our prayers and our blessing. The Bible describes Satan as the God of this world who has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. Satan has become a great expert in confusing people to make sure they do not understand the message of the cross or see the glorious light of the good news. This is why Christians need to intensify prayers so that their children do not fall victim and become preys in satan’s hand. This is not the time to leave children alone while singing “Que sera sera, what will be will be” Anyone with this kind of attitude is indirectly handing over their children to the Wolves of this world to devour.
When God created Adam, the first thing God did was bless Adam. When he called Abraham, he blessed him. Abraham on the other hand blessed Isaac and Isaac blessed Jacob and Jacob blessed his 12 children. Parents need to Make a habit of blessing their children all the time and confessing positive powerful prayers and words of God upon their lives. This is the reason why this book was written, to encourage parents to pray without ceasing, confessing life transforming prayers into the life of their seeds, even right from conception. All The blessings pronounced by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob followed the 12 tribes of Israel up till today. I pray that as you daily confess the word of life and pray and bless your children, your prayers and all the blessings will go before them and wait for them in the future. Saints of God do not be weary in praying for your children, using this book again and again.

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