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Prayer Plan

Daniel Fast Prayer Plan

DAY 1. Pray that you will have great testimonies at the end of the 21 days

DAY 2. Pray according to Isaiah 65:24 And it shall come to pass that before

They call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

DAY 3. Pray that the anointing to do great exploits for God will come upon your life and. Also pray that in winning souls, you will do great exploits.

DAY 4. Pray that everything hidden from you, which you need to know to be successful, healed and great in life, be revealed to you by the power of the Holy Spirit. Read

Jeremiah 33:3

DAY 5. Pray for knowledge and skills in all learning and wisdom and for understanding in all Visions and dreams. Daniel 1:17

DAY 6. Pray that as Daniel was promoted and made great after he interpreted the king’s dream, The King of Kings will grant you physical and spiritual promotion in Jesus

name. Read Daniel 2:48 & 49, Daniel 3:30

DAY 7. Throughout today praise and thank God that “The son of God” will always show up in every situation of your life to give you victory. Read Daniel 3:25

DAY 8. Pray that every stubborn problem in your life receive permanent solution in Jesus name. 2nd Kings 4:14-17

DAY 9. Pray that an excellent spirit will be found in you at all times and you will be preferred above presidents and princes. Daniel 5:12, Daniel 6:3

DAY 10. Pray that because you have a covenant of peace with Jehovah, any raging storm of the enemy has to cease. Isaiah 26:3

DAY 11. Every written word of promise concerning your health and healing will come to fulfillment

Pray the word of God in 1st Peter 2:24

DAY 12. Pray For protection and deliverance of all Christians going through persecution

especially in Islamic countries. 1st Timothy 2:1

DAY 13. Pray that at all times, God will send His angels to shut up the mouth of any roaring lion

against you. Daniel 6:22

DAY 14. Pray that God will violently shake the foundation of everything that is holding you in

Bondage so you can be released to your fulfillment. Read Acts 16:26

DAY 15. Declare woe!!! Unto all the activities of the prince of Persia . Pray and render powerless every spirit and demons that eat up or attack prayers. Daniel 10:13

DAY 16. Pray that the power that pulled Joseph out of the pit and out of prison and out of trouble, the same power to pull you out of any pit, out of any bondage and out of any trouble. And plant your feet on the rock to stay in Jesus name. Psalm 40:2

DAY 17. Pray that in this season, everything standing against your manifestation must be removed even as He removed the Syrian army from the way of the Syrians.

Read 2nd Kings 7:6

DAY18. Pray for the power of restoration to be at work in your life to restore every good thing

You have lost in the past. Joel 2:25-27

DAY 19. Pray the word of God in Psalm 92:12-14

DAY 20. Pray that in your lifetime, you will experience and enjoy in full the abundant life that

Jesus Christ died for. Pray the word of God in John 10:10

DAY 21. Thanksgiving (1) Thank God for answering your prayers

(2) Thank Him for the victory you have in Jesus

(3) Thank God for what The Lord has done in your life in the past 21 days shall be permanent in Jesus name.


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